The Presses

This studio has two presses.

Here is the Bottle Jack Press:



I built it in 2014 using plans I found online. The block and paper slide in between the brown pieces of mdf where they are pressed together when the jack is pumped.

Appledore Evening, Green Wave, Appledore Spray and House on Ocean Point are some of the prints created on this contraption.

In 2017, I purchased this etching press:


It was homemade by someone who wanted to print their own Christmas cards. For artwork under 12” wide and 16” tall, it works great. I used it to print Winter Birch and Winter Shadows among others.

When I need to make bigger work, like Vanguard, I rent the 24” x 48” Conrad Machine at D.M. Penny Press Inc. in nearby Manchester.

Turbulence on Appledore, the biggest jigsaw reduction I have created so far, was printed on a giant French Tool Press at a local art school. They don’t allow rentals anymore, but that beautiful machine has a 36” x 60” bed.

Woodblock printmaking is a relief process, so transferring ink to paper doesn’t always need a lot of pressure. For white-line woodcuts and jigsaws from soft-kut blocks, I use a very special tool:


This wooden spoon is made from bamboo. I bought it at the grocery store for around $3 and it has served me well since 2009.