Bright Day, jigsaw print

Unframed or Framed:framed

image size: 9" x 12"
edition of 30
signed and numbered on the front

Summer on the rocky coast of New England! The sun is bright and the air is crisp and clear creating the brightest, freshest colors you have ever witnessed!

Like most of my prints, I used a plein air painting as a reference for this print. I cut up a block of a pliable material called soft kut into a lot of little pieces. Then I inked each one and put them back together before printing.

**Printing jigsaw reliefs is such a complicated exercise - the only way to clearly explain that is to show you how it works, so I made a short youtube video:

This little demo shows you my tools, piles of ink, paper, and workspace. Plus, you can see all the pieces of the block, from the large and simple to the teeny tiny nub that actually did get lost down the drain when the edition was done and the block cleaned for the last time.**

All the materials used in this print are entirely archival. Each print is hand numbered with impression and edition (ex. 3/30, 4/30, etc.) and signed and titled.

Of course the prints are supposed to all look the same, but they are handmade, so don't be surprised if yours is unique and varies a tiny bit from the picture here.

 Note on the framed prints:

**The framed print is in thinner, warm, dark grey metal, as shown in the photos.

The cherry wood frame photo is available at the North Conway League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Gallery as of November 2022.**

Shipping Information

This ships in the "small unframed category". Up to four unframed
prints this size will fit in a box without increasing your shipping

The framed print is in the "small framed category". Up to three framed
prints this size will fit in a box without increasing your shipping

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