The Wet Dogs

The Wet Dog Story


Measure and Coast Phelps, golden retrievers belonging to New Hampshire artist Hannah PhelpsMeasure and Coast, the current studio assistants



Ruckus, a golden retriever, was Hannah’s older brother. In fact, her mother referred to him as her first born.

Eventually, there were other dogs and they would follow Hannah around, steal her toys, play with her, listen to her or just sit quietly with her. They used to walk for hours in the undeveloped lands surrounding her childhood home in Maine. These dogs, golden retrievers and black Labradors, were her constant friends.

After a brief, dogless period in college, Hannah adopted a golden puppy and together they would visit the New Hampshire coast and her retriever “siblings” every summer.

Many of the dogs in these paintings are gone now, but there are two studio assistants, Coast and Measure, who inspire new work and new soggy adventures.