Provincetown Print of crashing surf in Maine by New England artist Hannah Phelps.
Framed white-line woodcut print of a wave crashing on rocks in Maine by New England artist, Hannah Phelps

Point of Impact, white-line woodcut print

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image size: 4" x 6"
edition of 10
signed and numbered on the front

Rives lightweight paper inked with watercolors


This edition is limited to 10. This listing is for number 3 (labeled 3/10), which is the one pictured here.

*******So What is a White-line Woodcut Print Anyway?********

White-line woodcuts are created by carving away only the outlines of an image out of a wood block. The remaining shapes can then be individually "inked" with watercolor and pressed onto a piece of paper. The grain of the wood helps gives the image texture and character. Also, the white lines are embossed into the paper, giving it a sculptural element.

Since only one print can be made from a block at a time, the prints combine qualities of one of a kind paintings and standard relief prints.

In August of 2011, one of my white-line woodcut prints won First Prize at the 14th Annual National Small Works Exhibit at the Washington Printmakers Gallery in Silver Spring, MD. "Calm Day at Fort Stark" can be seen in the "Print Gallery" at