Print of a golden retriever on playing on the New England coast by artist Hannah Phelps
Framed jigsaw print of a dog on the rocky coast of Maine by New England artist, Hannah Phleps

Life on the Edge, jigsaw reduction print

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image size: 7" x 11"
edition of 25
signed and numbered on the front

Here is my golden retriever, Winnie, about to leap off a rock into a churning sea. It may look dangerous, but she only thinks about how much fun it is to swim!

This hand rubbed print was created with an easy cut linoleum block that was first cut into two pieces - this makes it a "jigsaw" print.  

Next I carved each piece, inked them separately and re-joined them to print the first layer. Then I carved out more shapes for the next color on each block. Removing more and more material from  one block to create different color layers is called the "reduction" method.

These prints are hand-signed and numbered (1/25, 2/25, etc.) in pencil on the front and back.

Each piece of the block was inked and printed 6 times for 12 total colors!