Winter is Back

Leaves in Winter, white-line woodcut print of snow by New Hampshire artist Hannah Phelps
Newest Impression from Leaves in Winter 
white-line woodcut, 10"x8"

I walk out in the woods nearly every day with my dogs. Off leash walking is my exercise of choice for them because we can all romp at our own pace. Which means Coast and Measure explode out the door and reach the trail in about a millisecond while I am still on the porch. 
By the time I reach the edge of the woods, Measure has looped back around to check on me. She might do a few zoomie circles while she waits for me to catch up. Then she’s off to meet Coast at the first “check point” - a fork in the trail where they get treats for waiting.

Winter is my favorite time to walk back there - no ticks and no mud. The dogs come home clean and tired and I come home refreshed.

Snow on a sunny day is one of the most marvelous sights there is. There are blues and purples and greens in the snow making the forest floor a lovely backdrop for the trees. The light glints off the normally drab greys in sparkling golds.

The stars of the show are any beech trees that haven’t shed their leaves. The shriveled, paper thin, pale leaves capture light like a fiery prism - sending back bright ruby and amber hues.

I don’t often bring a sketchbook or paints out there. I usually don’t even carry my phone. I just enjoy the scenery and then recall the beauty later in my studio.

You’ve all seen the above print before - this is the latest impression from the Leaves in Winter block inspired by the world outside my door right now.

What will the dogs and I create this new year during this new winter? There is some exciting stuff happening inside - you'll see that soon.
And they're off! 
(Sometimes I do bring a camera)
Outside, I know the show will be spectacular and I will be there with my yellow friends no matter how deep the snow.

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