Mountain Memories

Hiking Mount Monadnock, white-line woodcut, 11" x 8.5"
I first carved this block in 2009 after I had climbed Mount Monadnock the previous autumn.
Way back then, I wrote this about my hike:
This piece was inspired by a fond memory of enjoying a wonderful hike with Mark. I recall warm sunshine flooding the forest air as I hiked up the mountain on a clear autumn day. As I climbed, I was afforded the comfort and welcoming intimacy of the earthy grays and greens of the pine trees, rocks and shrubs. In contrast to this closeness, frequent gaps in the branches exposed great wide views of the distant red and purple country under an endless blue sky. Surrounded by the mountain trail, I became part of the mountain. Gazing out from Mount Monadnock, I drew on its strength to face the wider world.
Sounds like a fun place - time to go back soon!

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