From One Afternoon

Afternoon in Tenants Harbor, white-line woodcut, 7" x 11"


In 2010, I shared a house in Tenants Harbor, ME with some other artists for a week. We painted all over the area during the day and gathered for home cooked meals in an elegant dining room each evening.


For the most part, the weather was perfect for painting and we even had some waves from an off-shore hurricane.


When the weather turned a little grey and rainy toward the end of the week, I stayed on the property for a day instead of going into town with the other people. We couldn’t see the water from the house, but the property ran all the way to the harbor.


Between sprinkles, I took a sketchbook out to the shore and drew a few quick compositions including trees, rocks, water, clouds - the usual.


One of those drawings eventually became this print, Afternoon in Tenants Harbor.


Even though the day that inspired the print was cloudy, I have let the sun shine in the print.


A different print from the Afternoon in Tenants Harbor block. 

This one has sold.


The beauty of white-line woodcuts is that I can easily change colors on successive prints. As you can see by comparing the latest impression from the block to the older one pictured here, the day has gotten brighter.


From one afternoon, comes many. With nicer weather than the original.

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