A Decade-Old Idea

Point of Impact, white-line woodcut, 4"x6"

Way back in 2008, I painted this:

Crash Below, oil on canvas, 11.5' x 16"

These rocks are easy to see from a grassy area that is easy to get to and comfortable to stand on for hours at a time, so they have modeled for quite a few paintings.

A few months later, I painted this little one in the studio from the plein air study:

Flying Foam, oil on canvas, 5"x7"

There is something haunting about this composition - the dark rocks, the energy in the crown of foam, the slash of bright background water. It really hasn’t let me go since the day I painted the first version.
So in 2012, it became the small white-line woodcut at the top of the post.
Even after the small painting and woodcut were complete, that first painting still had some unfinished business. I'll show you on Friday.

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